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Eternal Sickness Compilation Vol. 2

Image of Eternal Sickness Compilation Vol. 2


Early 90's black/death metal compilation cassette Tracks taken from original demos!


Side A

Morb-Revolting Phlegm/Birth of Morb
Crematory-Unconsecrated Ground
Impaled Nazarene-Morbid Fate
Rotting Christ-Feast of the Grant Whore
Excoriator-Cadaverized Embrryotic Pulp/Ulcerated Umbilical Cord
Moral Decay-Fetal Pig(Extended)/Files on Shit
Disembowelment-River Of Salvation
Acheron-Alla Xul
Cianide-The Suffering
Malaphar-Torn Soul

Side B

Lord Blashemer-Hatred Burning
Head Rot-Do Us
Phelegm-Consumed by the Dead
Sentenced-Rotting Ways to Misery
Profanatica-Weeping in Heaven
God Dethroned-Cadavers
Disgrace-Transcendental Dimension
Corpsegrinder-Consumed by the Underworld
Gorefest-Confessions of a Serial Killer
Darkified-The Forgotten City

Dubbed onto clear C-94. Original cover art/layout used.

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